Monday, January 6, 2014

"Articulate douchebag"

Simper, slowly
Get to know me...
Extend the olive branch

Simper, comely
Now you know me...
So take off your pants

I always was a quick one
I always was so bright
Tempestuous and lonely
Some wine to start the night


Thursday, January 2, 2014


The creed proceeds the need indeed
But there’s no time to tame the steed
The freed agreed my toast of mead
But there’s no rhyme for men as we
Brimming mugs and ruddy faces
You find them in so many places
Grinning thugs and muddy spaces
The battles left so many traces
We all explain the war to you
We all estrange from four to two
When deranged the war was new
Once was plain and then it grew
Fights aren’t good for academics
Nights aren’t good for those in church
But if you try to speak to us
Might smash your face into the dirt

Esoteric Lancelot
Haven’t shaved since we first fought
Next the cleric blessed the spot
Always shaved and always taught
“Men there is a God for you
He is not old and is not new
He always wants to wait for us
Invented every prayer and cuss"
I spat my juice and thought a bit
“Preacher, you can’t teach me shit”
I took the bread and then I bit
“Teacher, where’s the grit in it?”
He looked at me and knew it true
I left him with a poignant clue
I could be saved and later was
But first I sobered from the buzz



choice patois
a culture's stroke
it gives them words
it lends them hope
forgot argot
a culture's past
when Dick was Rich
when bum was ass

in many ways
is the fiber
of the days
were ancient plays
but can you follow
words on stage?

need footnotes
for ancient text
or Dante's heck
we want to strive
for every next
or stay the same,
forget the rest!


Monday, December 23, 2013

"Aesop sez..."

A story that is dilatory
Loses readers rather shortly
A story that is quite concise
Will get read, once or twice!


Sunday, December 22, 2013

"Red Heart"

Humble, bumble
Loved her face and loved her thighs
Fumble, crumble
At her eyes
Rubbed her space and once surmised…
“I’m the luckiest man in town”
Found another, ran him down
“Don’t you feel the lofty passion?
Don’t you reel and then imagine?
Don’t you know the place we hold?
Don’t you cherish passion’s gold?”
The man was very shocked on this
Completely blithe and almost pissed
Said “no my son, I’m quite depressed
My place is empty
Always messed
In youth I was quite like you
Until the ones became a two
However you delineate
We do not share a common fate
But I will give you this advice
There will be love
There will be fights
If you cherish any gold
Bury it in many holes
If you return and it is gone
There is no fairy’s magic wand
Fate won’t let you disabuse
So only buy her off-brand shoes
Never argue over news
Red it comes in many hues”
At this claim he was quite shocked
The door at home was left unlocked
She saw his eyes and felt the same
The man was true about his claim
Yes red comes in many hues
He never argued once at news
The closet full of off-brand shoes
But fate for them was without blues

"Art-School Tool"

Feint with paint
Deceptive stroke
Ain’t it quaint?
Artistic trope
Taint the paint
Divest the work
Can’t it wait?
Ya hipster jerk!

"Seasoned Hunter"

Procure the spoor, the track of boar.
Doe yesterday, I wanted more.
Know either way, in lands I tour.
No type of herd, escaped before.